Makeup Revolution Precision Contour Brushes

Makeup Revolution Precision Contour Brushes

I’ve reviewed several brands of oval brushes over the last year or so and I’ve stuck with this method of applying blush and foundation although haven’t really got 100% to grips with eye application. So, the latest version is the Makeup Revolution Precision Contour Brushes (made from a new generation synthetic hair that is ridiculously soft) that’s as good (and better in some cases) as any I’ve tried. Plus, they’re coated in rose gold which definitely gives them the glamour edge.

I always used to have the attitude that fingertip application was best for foundation, but with the exception of my NARS brush which I still bring out, I’m 100% converted to this type of application. It gives such an even finish that’s seamlessly blended that it’s difficult to argue that any other method is better.

In comparison to other similar style brushes, this one, the Pro Precision Oval Cheek Brush has a slightly longer bristle length but apart from that, I can’t see much difference. The fibres are very closely packed (these brushes are quite high maintenance in terms of cleaning because those packed fibres that give the perfect finish also hold product and need regular washing) and the handles have some bend to them which gives you flexibility over contours.

This trio is a set that includes an oval eye brush, an eye liner brush and a round blending eye brush and now I have them all, I’m going to have to become more competent with them!

My recommendation, if you want to give the oval brush application method a try, is to start with the Oval Cheek Brush (HERE) which you can use for both foundation and blush – in fact, I prefer this size for foundation as well as brush. I think that this type of brush works best with creme formulas, but that doesn’t exclude dry – I just tend to use them more with cremes. The cheapest of this type of brush that I have used (because while these are very competitively priced, they aren’t the very cheapest) gave me cause for concern not on the brush although they’re less soft than these, but on the flexi-handle – it didn’t feel as sturdy as I’d have liked and I don’t have that issue with the Makeup Revolution Precision Contour Brushes because they feel very strong. The packaging is mirrored inside so you only get one brush, not three as it appears!

You can see the collection HERE.


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