Huda Beauty Liquid Matte lipstick in Medusa

Huda Beauty Liquid Matte lipstick in Medusa

You know you're a beauty addict when you are recovering from surgery in bed and wishing that you could be at Sephora, waiting in line for a new liquid lipstick release.

Although I couldn't be part of the action on launch day I was lucky enough to swoop in to the Dubai Mall store yesterday and find a colour in stock that was my cup of tea.

I feel like/know for certain that this is just the start of a Huda Beauty liquid matte collection.

It's so easy to be sceptical of blogger's makeup lines. In most cases they are white labelled collaborations of dubious quality,  manufactured cheap and priced high. Huda's products might have come about via her cachè as a blogger, but there is no doubt that the consideration that goes into the final outcome is at another level.

I fully appreciated this when I tried the lip liner. Similar to Marc Jacobs and Charlotte Tilbury, only better and longer lasting, it was a texture that was actually unique and deserving of the hype. When the liquid matte's were announced then I made a mental note to plan an explosive haul.

As it happens I got ONE measly tube but I'm not too bitter about it. Medusa is a shade that had I been able to pick from the entire colour range, I probably would have committed to anyway.

This is described as a dusty mauve. In real terms it's more more mauve toned than Kat Von D Bow 'n' Arrow and greyer than MAC Whirl liner.

It's a colour that is probably quite polarising, draining on some complexions and defining on others.

I love it.



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