Hair do’s and don’ts

Hair do’s and don’ts

Top hairdressers share their tips to avoid embarrassing hair disasters

We’ve all had a gruesome DIY hair colouring job or that slightly crooked fringe in the past. To avoid any future embarrassments, Australia’s most celebrated hairdressers share their tips to Daily Mail.

Hair colouring

"The consequences of a bad DIY colour can be disastrous and usually require multiple salon trips to rectify," Jacky Chan, hairstylist from Oscar Oscar salon told the Daily.

Avoid potential expensive visits, by doing to your hairdresser straight away. They will be able to match the right shade for your skin tone.

Hair trends

Certain trendy hairstyles aren’t for everyone – this however doesn’t mean you should be afraid to try out new cuts, styles and colours. 

Joey Scandizzo, ELEVEN Australia co-creative director and three-time hairdresser of the year, emphasizes that you should not force a trendy hairstyle upon yourself – instead, put your own twist on it so that it works for your face shape and personality. Before trying anything at home, it would be best to go to a professional hairdresser.

Hair products

It is crucial that you purchase and use the right products for your hair – this includes the right amount. Your hairdresser will be happy to recommend certain products and explain how to use them. Sometimes a little goes a long way – and sometimes you really only need half of the products you own!



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